“As part of my training regime for an upcoming Everest trek, I sought Dr. Ginger Wolfe’s expertise to improve athletic capability and performance. In one month on her Functional Medicine supplementation and diet program, I’ve lost nine pounds and have felt dramatic gains in digestive health, quality sleep, stamina and recovery. With Dr. Wolfe’s guidance, I’m very excited by the prospect of continued mountaineering improvement and success.”

– Clint F.

“Go see Dr. Wolfe now! I struggled for years with GI issues and couldn’t seem to make progress in getting control of my health. Within a month of becoming a patient of Dr. Wolfe, I started to see results and have continued to see progress over the past year. I feel like a completely different person now! I’ve had many issues to work through and Dr. Wolfe has been encouraging, thoughtful, kind, and is constantly reviewing the latest research and trends in the field to help support my health. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Wolfe!”

– Annie K.

“I have had a lot of problems in my joints which have caused me to have several surgeries, the most recent being a second left hip replacement. After working with Dr. Wolfe, my surrounding bones and joints feel much better which is what I was hoping for. Also, my muscles feel better.

I love that she tells me what to do to alleviate certain pains that I feel after exercising, especially after riding my bike. She takes time to listen to my concerns and works with me to personalize my treatments. I would say that she has a magical touch that helps to heal my body!”

– Gina B.

“I would give 10 stars if it was an option! I am seeing Dr. Wolfe for Functional Medicine and within the first 10 minutes of my appointment, she knew exactly what was going on with me. She is kind, compassionate, wise and a great listener. I trust her completely!!!”

– Linda B.

“I have been under Dr. Wolfe’s Care for nine months now since she started me on a low sugar, no grains diet to reduce inflammation and ultimately get me off blood pressure medicine. I had been on BP meds for over 18 years. I have now been totally off all meds for 7 months. Yesterday my BP was 118/68. I can’t recommend Dr. Wolfe enough. She’s an awesome, caring person who genuinely loves taking care of her patients.”

– Bill G.

“Dr. Wolfe is probably one of my favorite medical professionals. Yes, I’m acquainted with a few. She is thorough, kind, honest, and so pleasant. I have been going to her for a few months now and she has made suggestions but never ever pressured me. She understands where people are in life and never over steps but every time I go see her I feel like I’m going to a friend’s home. I drive from Arvada.

Also, the office administrator is wonderful. She works so hard to make each patient feel comfortable and at home. She is disarmingly kind and caring and remembers who you are and sees you as a person not a number. Two paragraphs later..I HIGHLY recommend this office and Dr. Wolfe.”

– Karina K.

“So grateful we were referred to Dr. Wolfe by a family member a few months ago! Our 5-month-old boy was having trouble eating (hurting tummy) and gaining weight. We were in and out of hospitals because no one could figure out why he wouldn’t eat as much as he was supposed to and were concerned about his low weight (0 percentile on the growth chart).

After the first two weeks of seeing Dr. Wolfe he was eating double what he could normally eat in one sitting and without all the crying and curling up. He is now gaining weight steadily and eating normally…If you are debating on going in, stop putting it off. Just go!”

– Katie K.

“Dr. Wolfe is well-informed on inflammatory conditions and much more. I trust her.”

– Carol C.

“Dr. Ginger Wolfe is an incredible doctor, caring person, and has a very organized practice. Getting treated by her is a great experience from start to end. Thank you, Dr. Wolfe!”

– Mimi T.