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Doctor Wolfe has over 24 years of experience, helping patients with chronic health conditions such as:

  • MdDS (Mal de Debarquement Syndrome)
  • Hormone Imbalance and Endocrine Disorders
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Mycotoxin/Mold Illness
  • GI Conditions
  • Lyme disease
  • …and much more!

Dr. Wolfe is one of the few doctors in the WORLD who specializes in MdDS aka Mal de Debarquement Syndrome; a rare neurological condition that creates a constant state of rocking and bobbing (much like land sickness after being on a boat). She is an MdDS Warrior herself and has now successfully helped guide many patients towards remission.

Known for her expertise and bedside manner she has successfully helped thousands of patients navigate their health and wellness. Her nurturing and empathetic connection ensures that every patient is heard, and understood so that she can develop the best care plan and solutions specific to each unique individual.

In addition to holding a Doctorate in Chiropractic, Dr. Wolfe has obtained a diplomate in internal medicine (Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists) and has a post-doctoral education in functional medicine from Functional Medicine University.

Dr. Wolfe works as an integrative health consultant and has successfully developed relationships with a network of specialists and colleagues with whom she co-manages care of patients. That list of providers includes doctors from across the country including those from Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins.

Her integrative approach aims to properly diagnose the root cause by way of specific, comprehensive testing and effectively caring for patients without the use of prescription medications whenever possible.

Dr. Wolfe is originally a native of a small town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She fell in love with Colorado while on a road trip during graduate school and moved to Boulder shortly afterward. She enjoys all the great outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer including hiking, skiing, snowboarding, biking and running. Whenever possible, you will find her English Cream Golden Retriever (and office therapy dog), “Colbie” in tow.

Professional Memberships

  • Colorado Chiropractic Association
  • Maryland Chiropractic Association
  • Virginia Chiropractic Association



If you’re here, my story will sound familiar. As a practitioner I feel very vulnerable telling it, but I want you to know you are not alone!

I experienced so much illness in my life, suffered from so many different kinds of serious conditions, I became hopeless. I lost a sense of “the real me” and wondered if I’d ever find myself and my health again.

My frustration with incorrect diagnoses, immune system weakening medicines, and constantly falling into cycles of illness, lead me to seek out my own answers and a new approach to my health.

I like to say Functional Medicine found me and changed my life forever. I’ve spent the last 17 years of my life engrossed in this; studying published medical journals, attending symposiums, working on diplomates and seeking out the hidden solutions to many health concerns. I work to offer much more than blanket alternative care. I want answers and I want to be able to help you regain control of your health!

I’m in the best health of my life thanks to Functional Medicine, and I’ve thankfully been able to put an end to the cycles of illness I suffered the first half of my life. I want this for you too!

I believe life brought me all these health challenges not only to make me a stronger person, but also a better doctor and understand first-hand what you’re going through. It is my mission to help you experience vibrant health again whether you’re suffering from a chronic illness or simply want to optimize your current level of wellness. I will fight for your health with the same persistence and dedication I fought for my own.

I’m grateful for the privilege of supporting you in your journey back to “the real you”.

Thank you for reading my story. I’m ready to hear yours.


Dr. Wolfe.



Ayurvedic Nutritionist

Mel Afflerbach is an Ayurvedic Nutritionist that specializes in an integrative detox approach, who has helped hundreds of people for over 15 years guiding & supporting them down a balanced and sustainable eating lifestyle.

Mel has obtained trainings in Yoga Medicine, Holistic integrative nutrition, reiki and wellness coaching. She has been a therapeutic yoga teacher for over 18 years and hosts international women’s yoga retreats all over the world. Her approach to any symptom or imbalances is to look at one’s entire lifestyle. This mind-body approach helps Mel curate a specialized plan for each of her clients.

Mel will be guiding you through how to correctly obtain balance in your body on a cellular level using: REAL Food , Mind & Body practices, and Continuous Coaching Support.

Abbie Brown

Functional Medicine Expert & Health Coach

Abbie is our Certified Health Coach and Functional Medicine Expert!

With a passion for functional medicine, she’s committed to addressing the root causes of health concerns rather than just the symptoms. She believes in a holistic approach that considers the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

Abbie works by providing personalized guidance and holding your hand throughout any treatment protocols so that she can give you the support to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes. Whether you’re struggling with chronic conditions, seeking weight management solutions, or simply striving for overall wellness, she’s here to help you reach your goals!



Danny Neifert is a licensed aesthetician with over twenty years of experience with natural product formulating as well as hands-on individual treatments with clients. Danny’s focus on the power of natural products first began at her place of birth on the Navajo reservation in Monument Valley, Utah, where she was raised with a respect for the environment and its offerings.

She is a clean beauty advocate and speaker who loves to bring skin health back down to earth through story and practicality. Ms. Neifert practices in both Boulder, CO, and Santa Barbara, CA where she beautifies skin and spends as much time as possible surrounded by nature. She is the mother of two adventurous adults and is a chocolate and bubble bath lover.

Author of Relearning Skincare, The Story of Skin & The New Way

This essential book delivers best practices for clean beauty and skincare, developed by the field-tested aesthetician, Danny Neifert. She shares her discovery of a better and natural way to address skin health-rather than the current outdated toxic and trauma-based industry standard. Learn the four fundamental principles to skin happiness and discover how you might be sabotaging your skin and also wasting money in the process. Danny’s insights will provide clarity and confidence in a natural skincare regimen amid the noisy sea of skincare offerings and misleading claims.



Colbie is our resident English Golden Retriever and Certified Therapy Dog. He’s a staple part of our office and even has his own business cards! You’ll often find him leaning into a patient’s leg, serving as a pillow for kids, or just basking in sun with one of his toys. We all need a little puppy love in our lives and we’re grateful for the love and joy he brings to our office and patients.