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What is Functional Medicine??

We get this question quite often! Functional Medicine involves an all systems, in-depth approach to finding out the root cause of your health ailment. We do an extensive intake and history with the patient and examine your entire health footprint from the time you were born! Functional Medicine practitioners have access to specialized testing that is not utilized in the conventional western medicine world and often gives us answers to "why" you don't feel well. Many of our patients come to us after having undergone several tests that have come back "normal" and know that something is wrong, they just haven't been able to find out what the problem is!! Once we are able to determine what the problem is, a specific treatment plan is formulated for the patient. This often involves changes in diet/lifestyle and necessary supplementation or herbs.

These are just a few of the tests that we provide here at the office, although we offer several more if they are needed.

Food Sensitivity Testing- Sensitivity testing is even more important than allergy testing because sensitivities can cause cumulative damage and inflammatory conditions even if they don't cause an acute allergic response!

Comprehensive Diagnostic Stool Analysis/Parasitology Testing- this test can identify if there is an imbalance in healthy gut flora and/or essential short chain fatty acids, as well as identify inflammatory markers. It also tells us which bacteria/parasites are responsible for any imbalance or infection and what healthy bacteria (microflora) that you may be deficient in.

Elemental Hair Analysis or Comprehensive Urine Elemental Profile-These tests are ideal for patients suspected of toxic element/heavy metal toxicity as well as potential nutrient mineral wasting.

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Breath Test- This test identifies bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine which is a common condition that often contributes to chronic symptoms of maldigestion and malabsorption, including boating, gas, diarrhea, irregularity, and abdominal pain.

Intestinal Permeability Test- This test allows us to confirm "Leaky Gut Syndrome". That means that the tight junctions of gut lining become weak and often separate causing unwanted particles to pass through the lining and into the gut stream. This can cause a host of inflammatory health conditions, auto-immune diseases, depression and anxiety, as well as skin problems, just to name a few.

Dutch Hormone Testing- Sex hormone such as Estrogen metabolites and Androgen Metabolites as well as Free Cortisol patterns.

** Testing may or may not be necessary to form a diagnosis, however we find that testing gives us a more specific and accurate picture to determine the treatment plan for the patient.

** Do you have bloodwork? We highly recommend that you bring any of your recent labs to our office on your initial visit.

Initial Functional Medicine Appointment:

$FREE Preliminary 15 minute consultation

$475.00 Adults

$375.00 Children (under age 12)

$375.00 Chiropractic patients that are under an active care plan

-Follow ups:

$75.00 30min

$150.00 1hr

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