Patient Testimonies

"With all the added strain that pregnancy has added to my body, the chiropractic care that Dr. Wolfe has provided has been invaluable in helping manage my comfort level. I would recommend it to anyone, pregnant or not!"

- Christen C.

"I have had a lot of problems in my joints which have caused me to have several surgeries, the most recent recent being a second left hip replacement. After working with Dr. Wolfe my surronding bones and joints feel much better which is what I was hoping for, but also my muscles feel better. I love that she tells me what to do to alleviate certain pains that i feel after exercising, especially after riding my bike. She takes time to listen to my concerns and works with me to personalize my treatments. I would say that she has a magical touch that helps to heal my body!"

- Gina B.

"For me, the healing began with our first meeting. Dr. Wolfe professionalism and warm enthusiasm put me at ease and began building both trust and belief. She began with an examination, x-rays, and then diagnosed my problems and thoroughly explained my treatment. Each visit has been a step toward a renewed pain-free existence and my chronic lower back pain and knee pain have been resolved completely!"

- Vic B.

"When I was pregnant with my first child, I remember having a lot of pelvic pain in my third trimester. I could barely walk for more than 15 minutes at a time. Now, I'm seven months pregnant with my second child, and I see Dr. Wolfe once a week. I have no pelvic pain, very little back pain, and I still take my 40 minute walk every day. Dr. Wolfe is a godsend!"

- Kristen G.

"I am a commercial photographer who's assignments requires physical mobility and flexibility without pain and/or discomfort. Dr. Wolfe adjustments are essential. She adjusts my spine monthly so I can keep working without the aid of medication. I would and do recommend her gentle touch adjustments to everyone!"

- Pete A.

"I started seeing Dr. Wolfe when I was pregnant with my second child. About halfway through my second trimester, I started having horrible hip and leg pain that I was desperate to get rid of. The day after my first adjustment, I felt like my old self again and was totally pain free! I continued working with Dr. Wolfe throughout the remainder of my pregnancy to help my hips and to position my baby for the easiest labor possible. Thanks to her, I had the natural drug-free delivery that I had been hoping for."

- Erin M.

"I suffered with lower back pain for many years. It was to the point every morning was a very painful experience to get going. Within a few months of coming to Dr. Wolfe I had relief at last. It was not just the about treatments. It was also taking time to understand me and then recommend changes I could make to improve my results. I cannot describe the improvement in my quality of life. When I visit the office it is always a friendly feeling of how can they improve my life not just another treatment. I have family, friends and neighbors that all share my reverence for Dr. Wolfe."

-Dave D.